Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Board Report 04-08-09


Year 1 worked on the second Literacy portion of the Iowa Core. This month the discussion/decisions focus on writing. For those groups that know their standards and benchmarks this is a pretty quick process. For those that don’t it tends to take a little longer. I met with 2 different groups last month between meetings to help them complete the task and anticipate the same need this time.
Year 2 folks are working on gathering materials for review. When we get back from break we will begin the process of evaluating materials. We will spend a day after school practicing, then I will turn them loose to find the best matches curriculum wise. Before ordering texts/materials the teacher must support their decision based on facts brought out from the process and a match to their standards and benchmarks.


MAP testing is coming up in 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to the testing season to see how we have improved as a district this year. Testing begins for all grades April 20th, with 9-12 taking the weekend “off” (Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday) due to prom and other activities. We should have everything wrapped up by May 8.