Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Board Report 3-19-09

Year 1 has begun the review of the Literacy portion of the Iowa Core. Each grade level span identifies Essential Concepts (Standards) and Skills (benchmarks) for students in the given span. Grades K‐2 concepts look different than 3‐5 concepts and so on. Literacy is broken into 5 different sub sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Viewing. Over the course of the remainder of the year we are reviewing each section and identifying where skills and concepts are taught, as well as where things need to be added to our curriculum.

Year 2 folks are working on gathering materials for review, so when we evaluate materials later this spring we will have samples to view. Curriculum mapping is progressing, and we are targeting work for curriculum review to be done mid April, for orders to be placed this summer for an 09‐10 adoption.


MAP testing is rapidly approaching. I've been working with the teachers on some schedule adjustments that I think will be good for all involved. Testing begins the week of April 20.